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I grew up on the tree lined streets of Queens, New York. My first extended  leave was to attend college.  I graduated from Ithaca College in 1971.

After a decade of jobs in local and national TV and Radio time sales, I eventually owned an FM radio station in upstate New York.  However I couldn't shake the idea of go west young man. So I packed my car and drove off into the sunset A sojourn that lasted over twenty years.

In the late 80's I began a career in finance.  But I had the media bug and wrote and preformed over 2000 Radio and TV  financial commentaries.  I was last read as the Capitalist  Cop on the web site.

Low Hanging Fruit is book two in my Henry and Hobbs Saga. It is where fiction meets fantasy.  Although I suspect former viewers and listeners would suggest I have been at that intersection before. 

Commentary should do that.

My wife and I now make our home in Queens, NYC.

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Private investigator Thomas Hobbs takes a case he hopes will make him some cash. To his surprise, he ends up with an unexpected and invisible partner. Henry and Hobbs must work out the kinks of their unique detecting partnership.

Their first case is a morass of royal intrigue, Templar treasure, beautiful and deadly dames, rogue feds, a creepy lawyer, and an international body count.

Henry and Hobbs go on the hunt. Tally-ho!

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Great story line, easy read.

Love this book, easy to read. Looking forward to the next one.



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